Are Nootropics Safe?

As nootropics go mainstream many people are wondering are nootropics safe to take?

The demand for substances that enhance mood, improve memory, and boost brain power has sky rocketed in the past 25 years.

It was once considered experimental, now the range of available nootropics has rapidly expanded and are now commonly used by students, executives, truckers, shift workers, athletes, and others who are seeking maximum peak cognitive performance.

The effectiveness  of nootropics is  absolutely outstanding. The main question remains, Are Nootropics safe?

Safety First

Nootropics for the most part are safe, but are still kind of in that grey area. Always take responsibly at the recommended dose. More doesn’t mean better.You should always talk to your doctor first.

Especially if you are taking any prescriptions. Always cycle your nootropics so you give your body a break because  you can build a tolerance to them. Research is another good method to know what your getting into.

What is your reason for taking nootropics?

Don,t just take nootropics just to take it. Have a good reason why you want to use nootropics. Whether it is for school, work, career, or in general everything of the mind. Nootropics will help you get that extra push to reach your goals and dreams.

I use it to keep me focused on all my projects I got going on in my life like my company, my MMA fight, free running, and I work 2 jobs. I start at 5am and end at 2am. Sometimes even later.Using nootropics with purpose.

What are the dangers of nootropics?

Some are more dangerous, like Tianaptine and Phenibut. These ones can be very addicting especial if your abusing them. so use in moderation.

Another one is Adrafinil. It’s not addicting, but is an analog to Modafinil. Which means it has to break down in your liver to make Modafinil. So it makes it liver toxic. So limit how much you take.

Some nootropics don’t have much research so be weary of what you take, everyone has a choice.

In Conclusion

Nootropics are safe if you use them responsibly. Always go into research before you put any substance in your body. Ask your doctor just to be safe if you don’t feel safe. Nootropics are legal to use. Also look into the law if your from other countries they might be prescription.

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