How Brotropics Came About

About Us

Louis and I (Salvatore) created brotropics after we saw the Limitless movie. We said imagine if it was possible to take a pill and use 100% of our brains. So we researched it and found nootropics.

Louis and I (Salvatore)
Right now there is no nootropic that can achieve 100% of brain function but, they do enhance your brain to work at levels beyond normal. So we did extensive research into nootropics to understand them better. We both were like know one created it yet.

What if we can create the limitless pill? So then we started our business to give people all the insight they need to know about nootropics and where to get the best quality.

Our Future Plans

We want to start creating our own nootropics but right now it is not in the budget. We have to get a lab and certifications to start selling them. Eventually you will be able to buy our brand of nootropics.

Eventually we will have our own labs
We’re working hard to get our lab and certifications. We have created some, but can’t legally sell them. Louis and I are in the testing phase and we are the test subjects to find that one pill to unlock your brain 100%.

Our website

We created a website to help us with our adventure through the world of nootropics ( We called it brotropics because we are brothers and we deal with nootropics.

Our Website Brotropics
Our site features how to videos, review videos, nootropic glossary, and we have a community down there that is very supportive. Come join our website today and get all the insight you need about nootropics.
Thanks to all who support us now and in the future.

Brotropics – Where The Mind Takes You To Greatness

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