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Stop Panic Attacks (Anxiety Attacks)

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How To Enhance Nootropics

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Eliminate Anxiety And Fear

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  1. jake

    I like how you eliminate most of the reading for the viewers and offer the videos in place. Did you make these videos by yourself? Or is this a video you found online? It’s nice how you provide a dictionary as well. What video editor did you use to make these videos, if they are your own.

    1. thanks for the comment!! Yes I do all the editing using Adobe After Effects CC and neat video to clean up noise. I actually have a youtube channel where I produce mostly action comedy.

  2. Sarah

    Hi there.I would like to know if you have any experience stacking tianeptine, I have found small doses of 5mg sublingually stacks well with 300ug of semax,but it lacks the focus aspect, good energy but end up with just physical energy and wanting to watch youtube videos on nootropics instead of studying.I don’t respond well to racetams, is there anything that I can add this stack that will aid with focus , adrafinil perhaps?Also did adrafinil make you dehydrated,urinate alot and have muscles pains and weakness?How long did the adrafinil effects last?

    1. With the adrafinil you definitely have to stay well hydrated because of the fact it’s an analog to modafinil. So without proper hydration it will just sit in you liver not being able to metabolize into modafinil. I probably wouldn’t stack adrafinil and tianeptine together though because their both dopamine risers. Just like too much coffee can make you tired, cause headaches, and have nausea, too much dopamine will do the same thing. I would recommend hopping off tianeptine and trying adrafinil and a choline supplement. I’ve personally noticed tianeptine makes me feel good(happy), but not really motivated to complete task. Adrafinil, phenibut, noopept, cognizin choline, cocunut or fish oil (fat soluble reasons) is my go to stack even today after almost 5-6 years.
      ps. Adrafinil will make you pee a lot because you should be staying hydrated. The supplement itself won’t make you urinate more. Lastly choline, hydration, and a fat of some sort are the keys to making nootropics work at their best.

      hopefully this helps!! 🙂

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