MRI Scan after 3 years of Nootropics

  I’ll jump right into this! My name is Louis Bellavia and I’m the CO-CEO of Brotropics. If you watch our Youtube channel or just stumbled upon this website out of destiny, than you already know we research and review Nootropics (cognitive enhancing supplements)….A lot of nootropics

  I thought to myself one day, damn, I’ve been taking nootropics for OVER 3 YEARS!! I wonder what my brain looks like. Coming from a family that has too many brain related deaths and illnesses, I was actually nervous. Now, I trust in the science and the years of chemistry that made these cognitive steroids a reality, but still….it was time to put my money where my mouth is and go to a professional. Below is a video of the MRI scan. I do slow scroll first then I let it play at normal speed. enjoy

Louis Bellavia’s Mri Scan

  Ok, so what did you think? Oh wait your not a neurologist either lol So of course the Doctor who took the MRI scan (no name for confidentiality) needed it for a week to make sure he could fully observe it. I just wish he told me that…..because by day 3 I’m think to myself, well fuck I guess I’m already dead. lol

  He finally contacted me and the results were Perfect!!!! He said my brain physically, was as healthy as it could get. Now, I could talk about grey matter or the fact my brain is just plain sexy, but it would be hard to compare to another persons brain. The reason why is, every brain is different. Just by having a smaller skull your brain could be smaller (it grows to it’s shell lol) So what was the purpose of this?!?

Well simply 2 things.

  One, it shows that taking nootropics long term had no negative physical impact on my brain. On top of that, I can do things I love, like playing piano (before nootropics I couldn’t even play proper chords with 2 hands) or working a long shift and still being able to come home and rip out some film editing. Its good to know that I can enhance my brain and my life without doing harm to my precious sexy brain. Also fun fact, It can only qualify as a nootropic if it ENHANCES and PROTECTS your brain. I’m tired of these people saying everything is a nootropic lol

  And finally two. It’s out in the open. Now everyone, from neurologist to medical students to just some interested person who wants to dig deeper into this scan can. I encourage it!

  Will there come a point when our brain will physically change through enhancements or will the secrets of our knowledge always be hidden within the grey matter? This is…The Twilight Zone

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