Huperzine A

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Lion's Mane

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  1. Win Bill

    It sounds a good list. I have heard that this stuff can help people overcome addiction over drugs. It’s a story I read elsewhere about someone who’s been addicted to drugs for at least ten years. This stuff has changed his life and made him better. The best thing is that this stuff seems to be non addictive which is good because you want to move on once you feel better. It seems to be good for some people too since helps with cognitive functions. However, what’s the minimum age a person should be before they try this?

    1. I would recommend 18 years old only because when your younger you dopamine is a lot higher already. That’s usually why you see kid (prodigies) piano players and kids who are triingual.

  2. This is all trash!!! NA im Joking thanks guys appreciate the knowledge. Do you guys do custom stack recommendations? I work alot of hours but also play the violin so I dont have a lot of research time for this stuff. If I told you what I was looking for could you create a stack for me and I’d pay through papal? or something?
    Keep up the good work

    1. Just friend me on here and I will help you find what works best for you. Also we don”t do personal stacks but my goal is to give you the knowledge to find exactly what your looking for, to make your own! welcome to brotropics by the way

  3. I have been in the research vendors field professionally for four years I have worked with the largest players around the world , I love to connect with small new vendors and make them RICH , message back if you interested in imediate sales … Illy

  4. tucker

    ive just now come across these supplements on facebook. i take kratom daily and want to try something else. what should i start out with. i want something that makes me feel up but not jittery like caffeine does. can you email me?

    1. Do you want something that feels like Kratom or looking for something that will raise your mental performance to the max with nootropics? If you tell me exactly what your looking for I can guide you to the right nootropics for you.

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