Why Should You Take Nootropics?

At Brotropics and when we’re discussing it in public we get this question a lot. Why should I take nootropics and more importantly what the hell is it! lol

Well the quick note of what it is: Nootropics are a specific class of brain supplements that can enhance your cognition, learning, memory, focus, motivation and mood while also contributing to brain health with very low potential for side effects.

Now the big question is WHY bother talking it? I like looking at this in a different way. If you want to get bigger in the gym you take supplements. Not because you can’t achieve it without it, but because it will happen quicker and you’ll break the limit on how big you can get. next is vitamins, 90% of people realistically take these with out actually needing them. Why do most people take these when you can get it from natural ways(eating ect..). Easy answer, quick and hassle free way of staying healthy without having to go through the process of finding things with specific vitamins in it. We know we’re willing to take supplements to help our body, why wouldn’t we want to strengthen and enhance our brain?

Today Brotropics wants you to go through your life and notice everything your brain does, voluntary actions (actions you control like reading, writing ect..) and involuntary actions (action not controlled like food breaking down or your heart beating ect..). After, think about what things would be like enhanced. Maybe you want to get a good grade but you can never remember what you studied or maybe you want to be one of the greats with an instrument but you’ve plateaued on the learning scale. It could even be as simple as, I’m always in a bad mood and lack energy, focus, and ambition throughout the day. No matter what your reason is just remember nootropics increases brain growth and repair, so whatever your taking it for your brain will become Young, Healthy and Strong again!!!



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8 thoughts on “Why Should You Take Nootropics?

  1. Chris

    Very interesting article. I loved that movie limitless lol and the first thing I thought was. Just give me one of those suckers for a week and thats all ill need to make money. I haven’t heard of nootropics. What is the research on them and how does it work physiologically in the brian. Id be interested ot know details on the effects.

    1. Thankyou! Their natural and chemical synthetic compounds which enhance certain chemicals like dopamine and receptors in the brain to enhance. 90% of the time they dont have side effects at all which is awesome

  2. Ganardineroporcjc

    Hello Brothers,
    Our brain is the most important organ we have, so we must take good care of it. The truth was not aware that supplements existed until your site appeared with videos, excellent information. I would love to buy Nootropics, I live in Argentina, how to achieve it? I hope your answer. Regards!

    1. Thanks it means a lot! I would recommend using our links under our videos so you know you get the purest and most affordable nootropics. We only work with venders that we have personally tested and taken ourselves.

  3. Henry

    This is an interesting one!
    I’m very curious now.. Are these medicine or nutrition?

    The way you describe Nootropics, they seem to have such an immense effect on us.

    If that’s really the case, I wonder if this product has been clinically researched yet?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this

    1. thanks for the comment!! There not really a nutrition supplement or medicine but more a single compound. A lot were used in medicine like adrafinil or modafinil and have had clinical trials but they will sadly never get approved by the FDA. Mainly because it cost a lot of money they don’t feel a single compound needs.

  4. otorres2628

    Hey Sal,

    I take a teaspoon of Lion’s Mane every morning with my coffee. It’s part of my morning routine now.
    Most of us focus on the body only but don’t pay any attention to strengthening the mind. Then again, most folks don’t know that these types of supplements exist.

    Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks for the reply!! I agree 100% and lions mane is actually part of my routine too! 

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